Welcome to the Seattle Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter. I am so excited to have you join us and reconnect with sisters, while meeting new ones along the way. This alumnae chapter is dedicated to providing sisters, from all coasts, with opportunities to show their passion for and a devotion to our International fraternity - thus furthering our greater mission as a sisterhood, to support outstanding women in lifelong achievements. 

The Seattle Alumnae Chapter strives to provide you meaningful and memorable events throughout the year to rekindle your love of Alpha Phi, support one another and the causes you hold dear, impress upon collegians the bond of our sisterhood, and make a lasting impact on the greater Seattle community. 

Mary Kelly Rich, Chapter President

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Paying your Chapter Dues

In order to provide opportunities and support the growth of our chapter, we strongly encourage you to pay your Seattle Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter dues. You are the heart of this chapter and your dues, the backbone. Without the two we could not fulfill the mission we've laid out. 

What's in it for me? 

Dues paying members receive promotional discounts, access to members only events, networking opportunities, discounted tickets and so much more!

How much are they? 

  • $30 - Silver Membership - Our Standard Membership

  • $20 - Ivy Membership - For our most recent grads, graduating between 2015-2018

How long are my dues good for?

Dues are good from 8/1/18 - 7/31/19

Pay your Seattle Chapter Dues

* In addition, don't forget to pay you International alumnae dues - these are separate. 

Pay your International Alumnae Dues Now